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Ring Metals

What is the difference between 10 karat and 14 karat gold?

In 10 karat gold, there are 10 parts of gold to 14 parts alloy. 14 karat gold has 14 parts of gold to 10 parts alloy.


What is Siladium®?

Siladium is a jeweler’s fine stainless steel with the look of white gold.


What is Golden Siladium?

Golden Siladium is a jeweler’s fine stainless steel with the look of yellow gold.


What is Silver Select™?

Silver Select is a combination of silver, platinum and palladium, all precious metals. This unique blend of metals offers the bright white luster of silver with the strength of platinum and provides a more durable, tarnish-resistant alternative to sterling silver.

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High Score Awards

Where do I send my award application?

The application should be sent to your local association.


What recognition products are available?

Please see the Awards section at www.bowl.com/awards for photos of the awards. Ring awards are available here on www.keepsakebowling.com.


I would like information to upgrade or customize my lifetime award ring sent to me. Who do I contact?

Contact Keepsake at (800) 982-6515 or email us at [email protected].


I received the standard Siladium award ring. Can I return it and purchase a customized award ring?

If you received the standard award ring and wanted to upgrade, you can return the ring within the first 2 weeks after it was shipped. Please contact us before returning your ring.


Can I cancel my upgrade ring order and choose another recognition product?

Yes. Contact USBC Membership/Awards at (800) 514-2695 extension 3151.


I already received an award for this score from USBC. Can I purchase one for my second achievement?

Yes. Simply order your additional award through our website or feel free to call us at (800) 982-6515. You may choose from the current lifetime award rings and options, as well as a variety of other styles to celebrate your latest accomplishment.


How are the free lifetime award rings engraved? Can I put someone else's name on the ring?

The name listed on your application will be the name engraved inside the ring.


Can I have a different stone color on my 300 ring besides the red stone shown?

No. 300 Game rings that feature a colored stone will always have a dark ruby colored stone. 800 Series rings will always have a purple amethyst colored stone.

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Custom Jewelry Rings

What can I put on the Custom Jewelry rings? Do I have to be in the Hall of Fame or an association officer to get a ring?

The Custom Jewelry Collection is designed for every bowler. You can personalize your ring to reflect what is important to you. So, whether you have been Bowler of the Year, a League Champion or simply a committed bowler, your ring will be handcrafted to capture your memories the way you want it.


Do I have to have the USBC name or logo on my ring?

In most cases, you do not have to have the USBC name or logo; however, the Achievement, the Men’s and Ladies’ Victory, and the Men’s and Ladies’ Triumph automatically feature the USBC logo. On the Victory and Triumph ring styles, you may create a custom side design in place of the USBC logo.

All other styles can be designed with or without the USBC name or logo featured.


How do I design a custom side for the Victory or Triumph rings? Is there a charge for a custom side design?

There is a one-time $285 fee for a custom side design. Please contact our Keepsake Customer Service Team at (800)982-6515 to discuss how you can create a one of a kind design for your ring.


Do I have to get my ring with the stone and metal color shown in the picture?

No. You can choose from Siladium, SilverSelect™, 10K or 14K yellow or white gold. We also have 16 different stone colors to choose from, so feel free to select your birthstone or favorite color. Your ring will be custom made just for you.

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Ordering Information

How do I order a ring?

Rings can be ordered by contacting Keepsake at (800) 982-6515 or by simply ordering online. For high score award rings, please note that your score must be verified with USBC prior to the order being finalized.


What ring sizes are available?

In general, rings described as “Men’s” or “Large” are available in whole and half sizes from 7 to 18. “Ladies’” or “Small” rings are available in whole and half sizes from 3 to 15. Each ring product page description includes the size range for that style.


How do I know what ring size to order?

When ordering a ring, you may have your finger sized by a jeweler, or you can use our sizing instructions.


Where will my ring be shipped?

You now have the option of telling us where you would like your ring sent. The ring can be sent directly to you, your association office, league secretary, or an address you provide on your award application.


How long does it take to get my ring?

All rings are handcrafted and made to order. Your order will take approximately 4-6 weeks. If you are receiving a free lifetime award ring with no added features, your ring will be shipped to you within 3-4 weeks.

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Payment & Shipping

What is your Shipping Policy? 

We ship our Bowling rings through USPS and Federal Express. We do not ship outside of the continental US at this time. Our craftsmen create all of the personalized aspects of your ring by hand, which takes time. You can expect bowling rings to be delivered within 4-6 weeks of placing your order. All other jewelry will be delivered within 3 weeks. We sell some manufacturer direct accessories that this will not pertain to.


When do I send in the payment for my 300 Game or 800 Series upgraded ring?

If you selected to upgrade your award ring on your high score application and your score has been certified by USBC, you can call us at (800)982-6515 to arrange payment and expedite your order. If we receive your upgrade order and have not received your payment information, our Customer Service team will contact you directly to arrange payment.


When do I send payment for orders other than a lifetime award ring?
Payment is due when you finalize your order online or by phone.


Are payment plans available and how does the plan work?

Payment plans are available on orders over $200. A $70 down-payment plus the shipping and handling fee is required at the time the order is placed. The remaining balance is divided into seven equal payments. The first of your seven monthly installments will be billed to you when your ring is shipped to you. You can choose to have these monthly payments automatically charged to a credit card, or debited from your checking account. To order a ring using our payment plan option, please call 1-800-982-6515.


What type of payment is accepted?

Credit card (Master Card, VISA, American Express and Discover)


Money Order (payment in full only)

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Warranty and Repair Information

Is there a warranty on the ring?

Yes, the warranty can be found on Keepsake's warranty page.


Where can I send my ring to be repaired?

The ring can be returned to Keepsake, 7211 Circle S Rd., Austin, TX 78745. Include a note explaining why the ring is being returned along with your full name, order number, and a daytime phone number. The ring should be returned using a method that is traceable, such as UPS.


My ring does not fit. Can I return it for resizing? Will there be a charge?

Yes, one resize is available free of charge, providing it is within two sizes of the original size ordered. Additional requests for resizing will be charged the replacement ring cost of $50.00.

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Multiple Award Ring Tops

I bowled another 300 game or 800 series. How can I update my multiple top ring?

Please contact Keepsake Customer Service at (800) 982-6515 and they can assist you in updating your ring.


How many 300 games and/or 800 series have I bowled?

You can check your list of achievements on bowl.com using the 'Find a Member' feature or contact Membership/Awards at (800) 514-2695 extension 3151.

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Legacy Rings (Retired Honor Scores, ABC, WIBC and YABA Rings)

Can I still get a 298, 299 or 11-in-a-row ring?

Yes. You may order a 298, 299 or 11-in-a-row ring for any 298, 299 or 11-in-a-row bowled prior to August 1, 2014.


Will I be able to update my ABC multiple ring with USBC scores?

No. Only ABC achievements can be credited for the ABC multiple award ring. You can purchase a USBC multiple top ring to include all previously approved scores. These scores would include ABC, WIBC and YABA scores.


Can I trade-in my ABC Classic Gold 300 ring and get a multiple top with my ABC scores?

Yes, as long as you are ordering an ABC multiple top and using ABC achievements.


Can I trade-in my ABC multiple top ring and update the ring with my ABC scores?

Yes. If you purchased an ABC multiple top ring, you can update your ring with your ABC achievements.


Can I order the ABC commemorative side ring?

No. The special commemorative ring was discontinued as of July 31, 2005.


I received a plaque for my 300 that was bowled before August 1, 2005. Can I order an ABC, WIBC or YABA ring now for this score?

Yes, as long as you earned your achievement prior to August 1, 2005, you can purchase an ABC, WIBC or YABA ring. Your score will be verified by USBC.


I bowled a 300 game in 2001 and I lost my ring. Can I replace that ABC, WIBC or YABA ring?

Yes, you can purchase an ABC ring to replace the lost ring. Please contact Keepsake Customer Service at (800)982-6515 to order your replacement.


How do I know which rings are available and how do I order it?

Keepsake has been making bowling rings for over 20 years and we have many of the iconic bowling award ring styles. Our Customer Service Team is second to none and they have the experience to find the exact ring you are searching for.  Please call them directly at (800)982-6515 to find and order yours.

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